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Mrs. Green

The Fifth Grade participated in the Walking Through the Revolution program.  Each student portrayed an important person during this time.  They also became "experts" on topics related to the events and reenacted battle scenes in teams.  It was a very impressive presentation and a great way to learn about this time in our country's history. 

The class is also studying astronomy.  They are learning about the statistics of the planets, moons, sun, and stars.  They are also learning to identify constellations using star maps.  Soon, the students will design and make "landing crafts" to land on the planet of Oobleck.  They will compile their results and write a story about landing on this imaginary planet.

We learned about the traditions of Chinese Lunar New Year and celebrated with fortune cookies, tea, and Mandarin oranges.  Next, we are writing paragraphs about St. Valentine, Abraham Lincoln, and George Washington.  The class started gathering facts about their topics in computer lab and are developing their writing skills from informative paragraphs to papers.   

Students participated in the "Metric Mini Olympics", where they used the metric system to measure the distances they threw a paper plate discus, the straw javelin, and cotton ball shot-put.  They also measured how much they got in the marble grab and sponge squeeze events.  Winners in each category actually received (paper) medals!

The Spelling Bee is this Friday.  Emma and Shane are the fifth grade representatives.

Students are writing their books to enter in the Young Authors Fairs.  Entries are due March 6th.

Our field trip to the San Francisco Symphony and tour of City Hall is March 8th.  Our trip to the Mt. View Sanitary marsh is in April.  We also have Colonial Days planned in May, as well as our Amtrak trip to Sacramento to the State Capitol.  ISPs are May 21st.

SO many exciting things are happening in the Fifth Grade!!!

  I am so excited to be at St. Perpetua this year!  I have been teaching for many years from preschool to middle school students.  I have taught in Catholic, public, and private schools.  I  was also an elementary science teacher for 14 years.  I taught at Lindsay Wildlife Experience as well.                                                                                                                                     

        I am a native of the bay area (4th generation).  I am a graduate of Piedmont High School and U.C. Berkeley.  I have 2 adult children and 2 young granddaughters.  I enjoy traveling cooking, gardening, and doing crafts.


        I love hands-on projects that cover multiple subjects.  Students seem to remember concepts and skills when they can connect the experiences and learn through a variety of modalities.  I use cooperative learning groups which are helpful Life Long Learning Skills.  

        This is a great school with lots of wonderful opportunities.  My class is fabulous!  The teachers and staff are amazing and the parents are very supportive.  

         Please feel free to contact me at my csdo email address if the need arises.  I will check my emails before and after school.  Usually, I can answer within 24 hours.  I can't always read them during the school day, so please let me know important information a day or two ahead of time, if possible.

         I'm looking forward to a fantastic year:)