Young Author's Book Writing Contest

   Young Authors Book Writing Contest      


Every year the Diocese of Oakland has a book writing contest in which the students from the various Catholic Schools participate.  For the last several years the second grade class has submitted one or two class books.  This year we are planning to submit our class book called "Baby Jesus Tried to Sleep"


Individual or small groups(no more than 3) students may create a book and enter the contest, also.  However, there are rules that need to be followed. 


1)     Students may submit work only through a teacher or the school librarian.  So, if your student wishes to create a book, s/he must make sure that Mrs. Williams or Mrs. O’Sullivan know about it.  The book must be given to Mrs. Williams, who will in turn submit it to the contest.


2)     If a small group of two or three students create a book together, each student's contribution must be clearly specified.  (i.e. writing, illustration…)


3)     Students must do original writing and illustrations.(Adults may help edit the stories.) If an adult assists with binding and/or typing, there must be a clear statement on the entry as to the type of assistance given.  (For example:  On our book called, Baby Jesus Tried to Sleep, on the title page it will state, "Bound by Mrs. Williams.")  

  1. Technology drawing programs, like KidPix, can produce original artworks. When using technology, please insure that the drawing or image is created by the student. 

4)     All books must have a title page, copyright information, bound cover and numbered pages. Books can be bound in different ways.  They can be put together using plastic spirals, book combs, ribbon, pre-made books etc.  Books cannot be just stapled pages with construction paper covers, or pages in plastic report covers. The shape of the book, number of pages, type of binding, and the material in the book are up to the creativity of the author(s). (Please see Mrs. Williams if you would like your book bound by using the spiral ends like our Charlotte’s Web books, and/or if you would like the covers laminated.)



Book Categories



Books can be written in the following genres.


-Fiction:  This includes any type of fictional short story or collection of short stories.  (Mystery, Science Fiction, Adventure, Realistic Fiction)

-Autobiographical/Family Biography This can be any story about the writer him/herself, or a story about a relative or a friend.  (For example, if I were to write a story I might write about when my mom was a teenager during World War II in Holland and the Germans flooded the town where she lived and she had to ride out of town in a wagon.)

-Poetry Any poetry collection written by one to three students.

-Books with a religious theme: For example, if one student or a small group of students were to submit “Baby Jesus Tried to Sleep,” it would be put in this category.

-Special Genre Books: Non-fiction books written in a content area such as Spanish, history, science, … Examples might be a book about how to make a clay pig, an ABC book about the United States.

--  Buddy Books:  Any book written by authors from different grades. For example, a class book written with second and seventh buddies who collaborate to write a book. Only two buddy books may be submitted from each school.  *These books cannot be written by two individual students from two different grades. 

---Graphic Novels:  Graphic novels are books written and illustrated in the style of a comic book.  The illustrations which, when viewed in order, tell a story.  


We will discuss these categories in class and come up with a list of ideas for each category.



Book Submission Limitations


Each class can only submit a certain number of books.  The books must be completed and turned into Mrs. Williams by March 1st.  A small group of teachers will read the books and decide which books will go on to the Diocese Book Fair called "Young Authors."  The winners will be announced on or around March 22nd by eNews.  Winners of the Young Author Book Fair will be announced on or near April 22nd.  On April 28th, the Award Ceremony will be held at St. Mary. It begins at 12:00 p.m. with our Book Fair in the school gym. The award ceremony begins at 1:00 p.m. in the gym  usually with a local guest author. 



As mentioned, St. Perpetua can only enter a certain number of books to the Young Authors Faire per grade level. The rules state that each grade can enter:

·One fiction book written by an individual (or no more than 3 students)

·One autobiographical book/family biography written by an individual (or no more than 3 students.)

·One poetry book written by an individual (or no more than 3 students.)

·Two class books (We will submit our "Baby Jesus Tried to Sleep Book" and possibly one more.

·Two special genre books written by an individual (or no more than 3 students)

·One book with a religious theme written by an individual (or no more than 3 students.)

            One graphic novel written by an individual (or no more than 3 students.)


*If your child chooses to participate please go over all the directions with him/her carefully.  If you have any questions or need some guidance, please contact Mrs. Williams.



*Story writing is part of our curriculum, but the formal teaching of this comes later in the year.  Unfortunately this contest sometimes comes a little too early for second grade. It may not be possible to have the students write these books during class time.