Weekly Newsletter

May 14, 2018


Dear Parents,


Thank you all so much for the wonderful treats, flowers, gifts and well wishes you gave us for Teacher’s Appreciation Week.  Wow, we were really spoiled! The decorated door was fabulous!  We love, love, love the special framed trees with kind, descriptive adjectives created by the students.  What special gifts!  We will cherish these. 

There is a lot to learn and many fun activities in which to participate this week.  Please read over the details carefully.

Religion:  We will continue to talk about kindness and way of being like Jesus. 

On Wednesday, dressed in our PJ’s, we will go to Chapel Mass for the first time. Father John invites the older classes to come to mass in the chapel throughout the school year.  Second Grade has been invited since the students can now fully participate in the mass.  This is another special second grade event.

Reading:  We continue working with our Superkids stories.  This week we will review homonyms and the many ways to spell the long a sound.  We will also compare and contrast versions of the same story written by different authors.

In addition, we will read nonfiction stories from our Super magazines.  Reading these articles is a favorite activity of the second graders.

On Wednesday we head up to the computer lab to take our final STAR reading assessment for the year.  Keep reading at home for 15 to 20 minutes a day and ask your child questions about the story to check his/her comprehension. 

Writing:  We will finish our persuasive letters. 

Math:  First of all, we will take our unit 11 assessment after reviewing adding and subtracting three digit numbers with regrouping.   Then we will finish our geometry unit and complete the geometry assessment. Finally, we will begin to review money by counting collections of coins. 

Hopefully Mrs. Williams will remember to give the time test on Thursday.  Keep working on those facts with your children. 

If your child does not complete a daily assignment, it will be sent home as homework.  Please help your child to complete this work and send it back to school the next day.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Social Studies: We will work on our bald eagle project. 

Oral Reports:  There are no oral reports this week.  Continue to help your child prepare for next week’s Americans Who Have Made a Difference Oral Reports.  Remember the question sheets are due before next Thursday.  Each child must have a note card to use as a memory jogger while speaking.  Please encourage your child not to read directly off the card.  This takes practice!

Spirit Week:  We will be showing off our Panther Pride with these dress-up days:

Monday, May 14

  'Hero" Free Dress for Spirit Week

Tuesday, May 15

 "Wacky Tuesday" Free Dress for Spirit Week

Wednesday, May 16

'Sign-Me-Up' Event for Students:  "PJ Pajama-Party Day"

"Pajama" Free Dress for Spirit Week

*Remember we will also be going to mass in the chapel. Make sure your child has shoes and mass appropriate P.J’s. J

Thursday, May 17

"Class Spirit" Free Dress for Spirit Week

Our class will have a western theme.  Keep this simple..jeans and a t-shirt perhaps.  I have some bandanas students may borrow.

Friday, May 18

Our class will be dancing to “Hakuna Matata” from Lion King– The children are asked to dress in brown, tan, or yellow t-shirts. All kids should have shorts/pants (jeans or neutral color pants) so they can move freely in and CLOSED-TOE  shoes.  Don’t forget to put sunscreen on your child and perhaps send a hat to wear to keep the sun out of his/her eyes.

Special Person’s Day:  Friday, May 18th beginning at 12:30 p.m.  Festivities will be on the upper lot, but parents need to pick up their children by the second grade classroom.  You will be eating the lunch you ordered through school or be bringing your own lunch.  For more information, please contact Mrs. Kozel or Mrs. Fogarty in the school’s office.

Buddy Lunch:  On Wednesday, May 30th the students will meet with their Buddies for an activity. Mrs. Delaplane, the 7th grade Religion teacher, has organized a special Buddy Lunch to be held after our activity. The students will be eating lunch with their 7th grade buddies on the upper level while watching the faculty/8th grade volleyball game. 

Make a lunch for your buddy: Mrs. Delaplane is requesting that each child make a lunch for his/her buddy.  So, your child needs to fill out the “Buddy Lunch Request Form,” review it with you, and then send this form back to school by Wednesday, May 23rd so that his/her buddy has an idea what your child likes to eat for lunch.  The 7th grade buddies will be filling out the same form.  Your child will bring home his/her buddy’s request and also make a lunch for that person. It is extremely important that your child brings this lunch to school on Wednesday, May 30th.  If not, there will be children with no lunch.  Please let us know if you have any questions.  Thank you for your help with this!

Americans Who Have Made A Difference Oral Reports:

Thursday, May 24th is our Americans Who Have Made A Difference presentations.  Parents are invited to join us at 1:20 in the library for these final oral reports.  The reports are to be kept short, no more than 8-10 sentences.  The children may have note cards but should be prepared to use these only as “memory joggers”. They are not to ‘read’ directly from these cards. The children will also be dressing up as their famous Americans. They will be changing into their costumes immediately after lunch recess. They are to bring their costumes and props to school that morning.  Our program will last for about an hour.  Remember to bring your cameras! 

If your child will not be at school the afternoon of our famous American speeches, please let me know as soon as possible so that s/he may present their oral report the next week during class.

We welcome the parents to come back to the classroom with their second grader after the presentations to watch a Charlie Brown video about the Constitution, if there is time. 


Mrs. Williams and Mrs. O’Sullivan