September Book Report

September Book Report   

       September is Friendship Month in Second Grade.  For your book report, you are to read a book about friends or family.  You may read a simple chapter book or a picture book.  Books about cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse, Pokemon,or super heroes are not acceptable. 

       Your book report will be a picture on a "quilt square." At the top of the square, neatly write the title and author of your book. Make sure you use the correct upper and lower case letters.  At the bottom of the page neatly write your name and number.  You may wish to go over your writing in marker or dark pencil to help your writing stand out.

       Think about your favorite part of the book.  You are to create a picture about that part of the story on your quilt square.  Your illustration or picture may be drawn and colored, or you may cut pictures from magazines, use bits of fabric,yarn, colored paper, and/or wrapping paper to create your favorite part or scene.  Make a quilt square as unique as you are!  Be creative.  Have fun!

       Your quilt square is due on Friday, September 22nd, 2017.  You will share your square and tell about it for your Oral Report during the week of September 25th.  This will be on your regular Oral Report day. 

       After all the squares are collected,we will make our own Second Grade Friendship Quilt! 

Questions?  Ask Mrs. Williams