Mrs. Kathy Williams

Welcome to Second Grade! 

This year you will have two teachers: Mrs. Williams and Mrs. O’Sullivan.  Together with us, you will be learning many interesting subjects.  These include Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Social Studies, Handwriting and most importantly, Religion.

First Eucharist preparation will be our main focus this year as we learn about our Catholic faith, the Mass and the Sacraments. This will be an exciting and special journey for all of us.

We will be using a fun reading program, which will make up most of our Language Arts curriculum.  It is called Superkids. So, our theme for the year continues to be Super Kids!  We will start out learning how to choose just the right levels of books to read. In our Superkids program we will work with words, practice spelling and learn strategies that will help us remember and understand what we read. We will also work on reading in a smooth, clear manner.  This is called fluency.

Writing will also is a part of this program.  However, we will write in Social Studies, in Science and in Religion as well. We will even write during Math. 

In Math we will start by learning or reviewing those addition and subtraction math facts. Knowing these facts will make it much easier and quicker to complete our classroom math activities. In addition, our brains will be more ready to learn new math processes like regrouping in addition and subtraction. Time, money, fractions, geometry and an introduction to multiplication will make up the rest of our math studies for the year.

You should have fun in Social Studies and Science this year. You will participate in many projects and activities as you learn about interesting topics such as Families, Our Land, Government, Spiders, Properties of Matter and much, much more!

Oral Reports are an important part of Second Grade. Being able to speak comfortably in front of others in a relaxed manner will be a skill that will last a lifetime. 

 We are excited to be your teachers this year.  This should be a special year for all of us.



Mrs. Williams and Mrs. O’Sullivan