ELA Materials

Have the following materials in class EVERY DAY.

qLA Binder*
qPencil Bag**
qHW Planner
qLiterature Textbook
qVocabulary WB
qIn-Class Reading (IR) Book
qOutside Reading (OR) Book or E-reader

Additional items will be announced, as needed.

*Binder Contents:

Your binder should be filled with lined paper and divided into the following sections:

  1. Vocab/Spelling
  2. Grammar
  3. Writing
  4. Essays/Projects
  5. Lit. Notes
  6. Lit. Analysis

You may include any other sections that will keep you organized.  Other suggested items include: 3-hole punch, pouch w/ index cards.

**Pencil Bag Contents:

Please make sure you have the following items in your pencil bag every day!

q pencil, eraser
q sharpener (a quiet one)
q blue- or black-ink pen (gel or ball-point)
q red or bright-color pen (gel or ball-point)
q highlighter
q white-out tape
q mini stapler & staples
q markers and/or colored pencils
q scissors
q glue stick
q earbuds

Recommended Items: Post-Its, 3"x5" Notecards

REGULARLY REPLENISH what is lost or runs out!