Birthday Club

Birthday Club

You can celebrate your child's birthday and support our school library's fundraiser by joining the Birthday Club.  It's easy to participate.  Birthday Club students select a book to be purchased and donated to the library.  A commemorative nameplate will be placed in the front of the book to honor the student's Birthday.   These donations help us to populate the library with the new, popular books that the kids want to read.  Simply fill out the form and submit it to the front office with a check for $20 per student.  All Birthday Club forms are due in September.  In October, all students will select birthday club donations, regardless of their birth date.  When the books arrive, the Birthday Club student gets to check out the new book first.  
Thank you for supporting our school library and helping kids to easily access the books they want to read.

This is how it works:

(1)  Fill out the Birthday Club form

(2)  Write a check for $20.00 per student to St. Perpetua School.

(3) Submit form and check to the front office by September, 2019. 

(4)  Your child selects the title that s/he would like to donate to the school.

(5)  It will be added to the collection and a book plate will be placed on the inside cover.

(6)  Your child will be recognized and thanked by his/her class.
(7) When processing is done, your child will be offered the chance to check-out the book first, before anyone else at school.


If you have any questions, please contact Stacey Hinton, the school librarian, at

We will purchase ALL Birthday Club Books in October for ALL Birthdays.