2020 Summer Reading BINGO!

2020 Summer Reading BINGO!

Summer Reading BINGO! Rewards are on the way.  Look here for more information in September.

Summer Reading BINGO! Due date extended to 8/31/20.
If you did not turn in your BINGO!  

when you came to school on Monday/Tuesday,
then please snap a photo of your completed card
(with your name on it) and
email it to shinton@csdo.org.
Mrs. Hinton

"Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are."  Mason Cooley

All students, parents and staff are encouraged to participate in our Summer Reading Program.  Summer reading is an important tool to help prevent summer slide.  Summer slide is when students skills slip away during the long summer break due to lack of reading practice.  It is of particular concern, this year, due to the lengthy Shelter In Place we experienced before Summer break began.  Please encourage your student to participate in this annual tradition.  We do not want them to feel left-out at the beginning of the school year when their classmates are being recognized for their reading achievements.

Here's how the program works.  Students read during Summer Break.  There is one BINGO! card for everyone. 
Students in grades TK-3 complete the ENTIRE BINGO! card. 
Students entering grades 4-8, parents and staff members complete one row or one column to achieve BINGO!

Summer Reading BINGO! Screen Cast explains each square of the BINGO! Card.

2020 StP SRP BINGO_PDF.pdf

DUE Dates

First Week of School, August 17 - 21, 2020.  Late entries are not accepted. 


Benefits of Summer Reading.

  • Joy of Reading
  • Unlimited (imaginary) travel
  • Public Recognition during library visit
  • FREE Book
  • FREE Dress for entire school if 75% of students participate

Where can I get books to read?

Order books from Scholastic to be delivered to your home at  Scholastic Virtual Book Faire  It runs May - September, 2020.

Sign up for Scholastic/homebase to read popular books published by Scholastic for FREE.

Pick up free books in front of St. Pereptua School June 1-5, 2020.  They are in boxes labeled by grade level.

Sign up for a free e-card from Contra Costa County Library to read books on e-readers for FREE.

Epic provides free online books through June 30, 2020.

What shall I read?

Books made into Movies
Click on "Find new books" in Bookopolis for reviews and recommendations

St. Perpetua Summer Reading BINGO Card:

2020 StP SRP BINGO_PDF.pdf