Religion 6 Overview
6th Grade Religion Overview
First Trimester Focus
   Old Testament:  Genesis including Creation, Noah, Patriarchs
   Story of Creation presentations
   Layout of the Bible
   Liturgical Year
   Second Step lessons
   10 Service Hours due 
Second Trimester Focus
   Jesse Tree project
   Christmas Feasts presentations 
   Old Testament:  Exodus through Joshua
   Promised Land Travel Log project
   Religious Person interview
   Bible plays 
   Second Step lessons
   10 Service Hours due 
Third Trimester Focus
   JHOP (Junior High Outreach Program)
   Triduum presentations
   Old Testament:  Judges through Daniel, including Ruth, Samuel, David, Psalms, Solomon, Esther
   Memorize Psalm 23
   Personal psalm writing
   Second Step lessons
   10 Service Hours due