2018/19 Super Bowl Reading Challenge

Super Bowl Reading Challenge

Books and Football

============= Game Over ===============

RESULTS of 2019 Challenge

Winning Classes with 100% Participation:

TK Hawks
8th Grade Penguins (Kowalski Analysis)

Super Bowl Kick-Off:

Welcome to St. Perpetua's Super Bowl Reading Challenge.  Do you have what it takes to WIN!?  


Your goal is to read for a total of six (6) hours / 360 minutes.  You can read anything you enjoy:  books, comics, magazines, newspapers, online newsfeeds, anything!  You can listen to audio books or you can listen to someone read aloud to you.  Homework (such as text books or research) does NOT count.

Reading Log: 

You were given a reading log to keep track of your reading.  Extra copies are here, on this website.  Each time you read for 20 minutes or more, mark it on the reading log.  When you have reached six (6) hours, turn it in IMMEDIATELY to your teacher.  We will keep track of each class's progress on the Library Super Bowl Bulletin Board.  Watch as your class helmet runs across the field and SCORES a TOUCHDOWN!

2018_2019 SB Reading Log.pdf

DUE Date:

Students are required to turn in their Reading Log ASAP -- as soon as they complete six (6) hours of reading.  The absolute latest date to turn in the Reading Log is January 24, 2019.  Do not wait until the due date.  You should be done WAY before January!!!


All Super Bowl Readers will earn a FREE Dress Pass.  The class with the most participation will PARTY in the Library. 
Students in Grades K-6 Only will also qualify for a free ticket to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.  Tickets will be distributed in May and are valid during Summer Break.

All Students:

Let's all strive to meet this GOAL and SCORE a winning TOUCHDOWN!

2018_2019 SB Reading Log.pdf

============= Prior Year's Results =============

RESULTS of 2018 Challenge

Winning Classes with 100% Participation:
TK Puppies
2nd Grade Sharks
4th Grade Pugtatos
7th Grade Porpoises

Super Bowl Reading Challenge - over 2,000 hours of reading!!
Our Super Bowl Reading Challenge has ended.  St. Perpetua students did great!  Four Classes achieved 100% participation:  TK Puppies,  2nd Grade Sharks, 4th Grade Pugtatos, and 7th Grade Porpoises.  These winning classes get to celebrate with a football-themed party.  Whoo-Hoo!  90% of our elementary students participated, the highest percentage ever!!  With all our reading efforts, our students logged over 2,000 hours of reading.  Students in TK and Jr. High who completed their reading logs and submitted them on time will be rewarded with a Free Dress Pass.  Students in grades K-6 will receive a ticket to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom that is good during summer break.  Congratulations to all our Champion Readers!