Tuition & Financial Aid Information

Financial Commitment

Tuition is a yearly sum payable on an annual or monthly (ten or twelve equal installments) basis. Tuition does not include any costs that are not part of the regular school program. It is not a tax-deductible, charitable contribution.  To help with planning, the current 2018-2019 tuition structure is as follows:

1 child
2 children
3 children
4 children

Tuition statements are emailed monthly. All tuition payments are due the first day of the month, and are late after the tenth of each month. A late fee of $50 will be charged for late payments or returned checks. In addition, two returned checks will result in a requirement for tuition payments to be made by money order, cashier's check or cash. Any delinquent tuition and fees must be paid before a contract will be offered for the new school year.

Registration and Maintenance Fees

There is an annual registration fee of $350 per returning student and a $450 maintenance fee per family.
This payment must accompany the financial agreement in order to hold a place in a given class.The maintenance fee per family is due by June 1 of the school year.

New families to the school are required to make a non-refundable payment of $350 registration fee per child, $450 maintenance fee per family, and $500 deposit on tuition per family upon acceptance.

Extended Care

Our extended care program is called Panther House. This program operates from 7:00-8:00a.m. and from dismissal to 6:00 p.m.  The program follows the school calendar. It is closed the first and last days of school.

Current 2017-2018 Panther House rates are:

  • Full-time (30+ hours/week) - $5.00 per hour per child
  • Part-time (29 or less hours/week) - $6.00 per hour per child
  • Drop-in rate (as-needed usage) - $8.00 per hour per child
  • Complimentary TK and Kindergarten (Panther Cubs) program designed to support the classroom curriculum during the school hours that the kindergarteners are not in class.
Panther House Registration:
  • $75 per family, per year for full-time
  • $40 per family per trimester if paying by trimester







Last Modified on June 2, 2016