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May 16 (2 days ago)
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On behalf of the entire St. Perpetua Staff, thank you for all you did for us during Teacher Appreciation Week! 

The kindness and generosity was wonderful and appreciated by all! If you didn't get a chance to see the amazing classroom doors that were decorated, you can see them HERE.

We are getting excited for Special Persons' Day this Friday! All the activity will take place on the field so there will be plenty of parking on the upper lot. Students will be dismissed at 12:30 for lunch and we ask that parents of students in grades TK-4 meet their student on the lower lot outside the classrooms where we line up in the mornings before school.
There are a few more free dress days this week and the remainder of the school year. Please make sure your student is wearing shoes with a heel strap to ensure safety and be in compliance with the free dress policy in the handbook.

Our Community Center construction project is really moving along.  Trusses were installed this week, and the overall footprint is very impressive!


Lord of light and source of all creation, we praise and glorify
You for the children You have given us.
For their lives, their inquiring minds and receptive spirits, for their health and growth.
For their beauty and innocence, their laughter and tears,
their joyous ways that fill us with wonder and delight.
For their youthful vision by which You lead them trustingly into the future.
For Your constant protection which keeps them safe from harm,
For our families and for your loving forgiveness which allows parents and children to make mistakes and, confessing them, to continue to live in harmony.
O God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, of Sarah, Rachel and Rebecca,
of Your prophets and teachers in every time and place, generation after generation
You call Your children forth to honor and obey
You, guide us.

Upcoming Events
Thursday, May 17
"Class Spirit" Free Dress for Spirit Week
Friday, May 18
Special Persons Day ~ Begins at 12:30Dismissal at 2:30 pm
NO After-School Panther House
'Sign-Me-Up' Event for Students: "Wild For Junior High"
Saturday, May 19
'Sign-Me-Up Event for Dads:  Dad's Game Night
Sunday, May 20
Knights of Columbus 'Texas BBQ' Fundraiser after 9:30 & 11:30 masses
Monday, May 21 - Friday, May 25
Library 'Book Swap' for grades TK - 5th (on scheduled library day)
Monday, May 21
Lafayette Library visitor ~ Summer Reading Program
Friday, May 25
Last Cafe Perpetua of the School Year! ~ 7:30 am - 10:00 am
ALL library books due back to library
Monday, May 28
Memorial Day Holiday
Thursday, May 31
'Move-Up' Ceremony & 8th Grade Farewell at 12:00 noon
Friday, June 1
Noon Dismissal
Panther House Open
Memories Night for 8th Graders and their Parents ~ 6:00 pm
Saturday, June 2
8th Grade Graduation ~ 11:00 am
Tuesday, June 5
Last Day for 'Farewell Gift' Donations for Teachers
Thursday, June 7
Panther House CLOSES at 9:30 am
Field Day for Students
Noon Dismissal
Friday, June 8
Final Day of School
School Mass at 8:30 am
10:00 Dismissal
NO Panther House
Happy Summer!
'Sign-Me-Up ' Event for Parents:  "Texas Hold 'Em Poker Party"
See the full school calendar here.

This Week's Forms & Links
Office News
May 18th Special Persons Day Details
  • The event begins with lunch near the Garden of Learning.  Students in grades TK - 4th should be picked up at their OUTER CLASSROOM DOOR.  
  • If you ordered lunch, please pick your bagged food from the CAFE at 12:30.  Your drinks can be collected on the upper lot.  
  • The performance will begin at approximately 1:10 pm.
  • What to Bring:  There will be seating & umbrellas provided for the event, but we highly recommend bringing a picnic blanket, sunscreen & hats
  • Per Diocese rules, NO dogs are allowed on campus at any time
  • The event will conclude at approximately 2:30 and dismissal will immediately follow
  • There is NO Panther House available after 9:30 on Friday, 5/18
Farewell Gift for Departing Teachers
It is in keeping with tradition that the St. Perpetua community likes to say goodbye and show our appreciation to our departing teachers by giving them a cash gift.  Your contribution is voluntary, and very appreciated.  Click HERE for the form.

School Supplies for 2018-2019 School Year
Even though we're all in the midst of 'May Madness', it's time to start thinking about school supplies for next year...  
Families have the option to order  packaged school supplies for each grade (K-8) through School Tool Box!  You can order online and it will be sent directly to your home.  Go to www.schooltoolbox.com to order and customize your school supply list.  See the flyer for more information.  Deadline for orders is August 1st!
School Toolbox is an optional program.  If you would like to purchase your own supplies, you can find the class supply lists for grades K thru 8th here on the school website in the 'forms & documents' section.  TK students do not need to purchase any supplies.

2018-2019 School Dates
As we look to the new school year, please note the 
first day of school for 2018-2019 school year will be August 20, 2018, and school will conclude on June 7, 2019.
Medications at School
If your child takes medications (prescription or non-prescription) that need to be kept on campus, you will need to bring the medications (in the original container) as well as a new Request for medication to be taken during school hours form. Please be aware that if the medicine is a prescription, a physician's signature is also required on the form.  An individual form is needed for each medication and each child to take the medication.
Did You Know...
DID YOU KNOW that if you have set up a Presto Pay account and are exclusively ordering 'Scrip Now!' (certificates that go right to your phone for activation), you can order at anytime and have it immediately delivered to your phone!  

You can also automatically earn Scrip profit when you register your credit cards with the wide variety of vendors participating in the e-Scrip program.  You earn credit automatically when you pay for dining, shopping, etc. with the e-Scrip vendors
You'll be amazed at how quickly your profit rebates can grow!
Our Weekly 'Shout-Out'
A  Parent SHOUT-OUT to Mrs. Isy Milosevich and her 4th grade class!  "The class got along so well and listened so politely and respectfully to the leaders at Gold Camp!
A second Parent SHOUT-OUT to Mrs. Holly O'Brien for hosting a sweet and amazing Mother's Day Tea!
And finally...  A third Parent SHOUT-OUT to Mrs. Stacey Hinton for organizing such AWESOME author visitors for our students!
Special Person's Day ~ Class Attire by grade
All kids should have shorts/pants (jeans or neutral color pants) so they can move freely and CLOSED-TOE  shoes. Below is what they should wear on the top:

TK - solid yellow t-shirts 
Kindergarten- solid white t-shirts (Renee provides bandanas and/or cowboys hats)
1st grade - yellow/orange t-shirts and fun sunglasses
2nd grade - brown/tan/yellow t-shirts (Renee provides Lion manes)
3rd grade - Any shade of blue t-shirt
4th grade - any color t-shirt (Renee provides leis)
5th grade - Jewel tone t-shirts (dark blue, purple, emerald green)
6th grade - Tropical/Island themed shirts
7th grade - white t-shirts (Renee provides newsboy caps)
8th grade - black and white clothing
Sign-Me-Up Parties!
LAST CHANCE TO SIGN UP FOR END-OF-YEAR PARENT PARTY!!  You don't want to miss the Texas Hold 'Em Party - you will be talking about how much fun you had all summer!  There are only 20 spots left so please sign up HERE.  Deadline to sign up is THIS FRIDAY.  You do not need to be a poker player to enjoy this night - it will be a blast whether you are a pro or a novice!  
The price of the party includes $4K worth of poker chips, a great spread of Texas BBQ from Slow Hand, and an open bar.   
Details:  June 8, 2018, 6:00 - 10:00 pm in the RRC.  $75 per person.  
Hosted by:  Marc and Brenda LaPlante, Mark and Cheryl Moran, Steve and Melissa O'Brien, Tom and Rene O'Neill, Cris Sena and Lucy Mason, Ben and Cary Tschann
Library News
BOOK SWAP for TK - 5TH Grade is Next week:  May 21st - 25th
Looking for a great way to get FREE books for your student to read while de-cluttering your house?  Book Swap is the answer.  Book Swap allows student to exchange all those books they own, but do not wish to keep. This is an easy way for your student(s) to stock up on books to read, during Summer Break.  Our goal is 100% participation. Click HEREfor flyer details.  Click HERE for website link.

Students in TK-5 come to the library once a week.  Next week, on library day, send a bag of books that your student no longer wants to keep.  Every student in the class should try to donate at least 1 book.  All the donated books are set out on our library tables.  Then, the students get to "go shopping".  Each student gets to take the same number of books that s/he donated.  Remember, your student is only swapping books with class mates, so please send books appropriate for the grade level.

If you have more questions, contact Stacey Hinton at shinton@csdo.org
Panther House

Dear Parents,
As schedules change, during this fun time of year filled with parties and celebrations, email me when your plans change. THANKS!   lkenney@csdo.org

We need your help with SNACK DONATION for some of the remaining days of after school snack. Can you help? There are 11 remaining slots that need to be filled. We'd appreciate parents stepping forward to assist the kids!! Click HERE for link.
  • DON'T FORGET: May /June calendars
  • Friday, May 18th: Special Persons Day; Panther House CLOSED at 9:30 am
  • Friday, June 1Noon Dismissal, Panther House OPEN
  • Thursday, June 7Noon Dismissal, Panther House OPEN before school; CLOSED at 9:30 am
  • Friday, June 810:00 am Dismissal, Panther House CLOSED                                                                                                           
Mrs. Kenney
Counselor's Corner

"Positive psychologists contend that gratitude is more than feeling thankful for something, it is more like a deeper appreciation for someone (or something,) which produces longer lasting positivity." *
In our busy lives, we sometimes forget to even think about all we are grateful for. Some of us have a certain time of day when we consistently think about or pray about our all we are thankful for, but we don't always express those thanks to others. This week I have seen and felt so many gratitudes from the community. It is clear that your thoughts, organization and hard work that you put into making this week special is so heartfelt.
So- THANK YOU for the "thank you"s and for all of your efforts & love! You have brightened our school and our spirits in many ways. And please know that I truly appreciate you - in all you do for the school and for your kids.
Kelli Bacher
School Counselor
SEEDs Enrichment Activities
Here are some May enrichment events sponsored by SEEDS!
  • TK:  DLUX Puppets  "Alice in Wonderland" at the Lesher Center for the Arts
  • K:  "Robin Hood" at the Lesher Center for the Arts
  • 4th Grade:  LPIE "Optics/Eye Dissection", "Brain Perceptions" and Life in a Drop of Pond" (on-site instruction)
  • 5th Grade:  LPIE "Weather" (on-site instruction)
  • 5th grade: Field Trip to Sacramento
  • 8th Grade:  Civil War Demo (on-site instruction)
SCRIP Fundraising Program
DID YOU KNOW?  If you have set up a Presto Pay account and are exclusively ordering 'Scrip Now!' (certificates that go right to your phone for activation), you can order at anytime and have it immediately delivered to your phone!  

This is a great option for on-the-spot shopping needs throughout the year and summertime purchases (when physical cards are not available for order).  You'll be amazed at how quickly your profit rebates can grow!

You can also automatically earn Scrip profit when you register your credit cards with the wide variety of vendors participating in the e-Scrip program.  You earn credit automatically when you pay for dining, shopping, etc. with the e-Scrip vendors.
Your Scrip profit requirement helps Parent Association bridge the gap between tuition revenue and education costs.  In addition, through your Scrip participation above and beyond your requirement, you can earn tuition credit for your family with your continued Scrip purchases! 
As a reminder, we carry FIVE scrip vendor cards in the office:  Diablo Foods ($250), Lunardi's ($100), Mangia ($50), Cooperage ($50), and Metro Lafayette ($50)
Scrip Program Rules Update
  • As you know, the scrip program is a Parent Association fundraising requirement.  We rely on the scrip profit (or buy-out) funds to help bridge the gap in school operating costs vs. tuition revenues.   
  • We are happy to continue to take scrip purchases via credit card (physical card has to be run in the office), but effective 5/1/18 the credit card fees associated with the scrip purchase via credit card payment will be deducted from the family profit tally.  We will continue to offer tuition credit above the designated profit level.
Scrip Ordering Schedule 
Since we have a low volume of weekly physical Scrip Card orders we are changing our Scrip ordering schedule to bi-weekly.  Click here for Scrip order Schedule for the balance of this school year. 
Click here for an overview/details of our Scrip program. 

Scrip: www.shopwithscrip.com(Gift Cards)
- (St. Perpetua code: LC2D474L8876)
 eScrip: www.escrip.com (On-line Mall)
- (St. Perpetua code: 136913749)
Thank you, 
Kim Fogarty kfogarty@csdo.org
Carondelet's Summer School Opportunities
De la Salle Summer Summer Camp 
De la Salle offers a variety of summer camps for incoming kindergarten through 9th grade boys and girls!  

Options include football, basketball, baseball, soccer, conditioning, track & field, wrestling, lacrosse, volleyball, and theatre/broadcasting.

Click here for information flyer.  Click here for website registration.
2017-18 Family Participation Program / Volunteer Hours
St. Perpetua School relies on parents to share their time, talents and treasures. Volunteer participation is necessary as tuition revenue does not cover operating costs of the school. Parent participation also ensures the success of social events and sustains school programs. Click here for details. 

Families (TK only, K only, and single-parent families have a 15 hour requirement) are required to complete 35 volunteer hours. You should report your hours throughout the year to the volunteer chair, Ellen Drey ellen.drey@gmail.com
St. Perpetua Parish
The Knights of Columbus are hosting a genuine Texas Barbecue Lunch on Sunday, May 20th after 9:30 & 11:30 masses. The Knights are cooking up delicious lunches TO-GO with smoked beef brisket and sausage links and your choice of two sides. The meals are available at the gathering area in front of the school and are $12 each. Pre-orders are welcome Mothers day after mass or Sunday the 20th before mass. Proceeds benefit the Parish Hall construction fund. Don't miss out - first come, first served while supplies last!
The TIMELY PERPETUAN is a monthly e-newsletter that keeps you informed about the many things happening at St. Perpetua. If you don't receive it please visit the Parish website and click on "Join Our Mailing List."
Special Intentions
 We remember those in need of our prayers:
  • Violet deBorja, grandmother of Danica Duque, who is undergoing medical treatment
  • Eveline Adhiyasa, grandmother of Kyle Jones, who is ill
  • Zilma Rodriguez, grandmother of Keilah and Tomas Ezaddin, who is ill
  • Bess Mason, grandmother of Matti and Annie Sena, who is undergoing medical treatment
  • Alumni parent of St. Perpetua School who is undergoing medical treatment
  • A member of our community going through medical treatment
  • Warren Jones, parent of Kyle Jones
We remember those who have died:
  • Angie Riggio, Great-Grandmother of Marina and Gianna Miller
  • Jeanne Van, Grandmother of Mrs. Kelli Bacher
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